Frost scraper necessary....

I was running late getting the boys off to school this morning.
The mom mobile was parked outside of the garage (normally is kept in the garage to keep it toasty warm) and it was only 29 degrees when I headed out to see Spencer using the frost scraper on my windshield.
Not what I planned on nor needed.
Frantically I started up the mom mobile to get it warmed up and then tried to tackle the front windshield.
I grumbled as I scraped how we moved to the south for a reason, we had no time for this, why did it not occur to me this would happen, I'm too old to deal with frost and the boys just gave me a dazed look.
Then dh stepped out of the house, his car was in the garage, smiled at me and told us to pile in he would take the boys to school.
Oh, thank you, thank you.
I so love you.
I was spared and you can bet your bottom that the mom mobile will be back in the garage where she belongs!

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