I was down .....

but not out.

If you recall on Wednesday I went to the dentist.
Normally it is not a big deal but it turned into a big deal.
I had all intentions to post a bit more on Wed. night but that did not happen nor was I able to get on yesterday.
You see I went to the dentist feeling pretty good, a slight tingle behind my eye, and so I popped some Excedrin Migraine. (That tingle is a warning sign for me that I am working a migraine.)
Sat in the office, head feeling much better, called back into the chair, tilted back and wham! instant vertigo (an issue I am dealing with currently) and migraine full force now.
I sat there head throbbing while they cleaned my choppers.
Did some x-rays and was told all good come back in six months.
Now just to get home with my head pounding away and being totally nauseated.
Arrived home, took some more meds, and went to bed.
Thank goodness dh was working from home so he could do the school pick up.
Up and down to warm a compress for my eye and more sleep.
Slept until 6 am yesterday (Thursday) but the pain was now a dull roar.
I could at least semi function and get through the day.
Today, I am 100% thank goodness!!
So, I will be posting a bit here and there to make up for the lost time.

Missed everyone and it is nice to be back in the saddle again.
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