A Personal Anniversary...

Seventeen years ago I was in this quaint church in New Jersey getting married to the man I love - my best friend.
We have had quite our share of ups and down over the years.
We have been able to weather them and become stronger.
I do not know what the years ahead hold for us but I look forward to holding the hand of the man I love and seeing where it takes us.

This song, Somebody to Love by Depeche Mode was the one we had wanted on that day many years ago (silly DJ, did not have it nor would he use our copy).
This one is for you babe.

Love You!

FlipFlop Mom said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY GIRL!!!! I hope it was wonderful!!!!

Anonymous said...

aww that is so sweet.Hope yall had a wonderful week-end

Sandy said...

Thanks!!! It was just how we like it..low key and relaxing.

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