Holiday Trip in Review

I am still having a bit of difficulty kicking myself into gear, eventually I will get there.
Yeah, I was away for nine days with pretty much no internet. *twitch**twitch*
Sure both sets of families have internet but by time I had any free time it was ten at night and all I wanted to do was turn in for some sleep.
The day we left was full of rush, rush, rush.
We were making super good time heading North, by 9 pm we were in Pa - we left at lunch time.
Then it struck... wet roads and the question was asked, " Babe are those trees wet or ice?"
I looked over at the trees and sure enough the trees were glistening with ice and we were zipping along at 70 mph.
All I said was, " Babe, ice and slow down."

(yeah, we get ice storms here but everything stops so no need to even attempt to drive in that stuff. Snow..it has been ten years since we had to drive in it.)
There were a few sporatic snow plows treating the roads but in some spots it was quite slick.
The further east we went there was more ice and then we made our turn and headed north to my mil's (Pocono area).
The roads were snow covered and the traffic was dropping off - not good.
It was beep and creep for the next forty five minutes.
Their road is a big S up a steep hill, fingers, kuckles and toes were crossed that we would make it up. The last part we were a bit sideways but finally we pulled in their driveway at 11:45.
We were greeted with about six inches of snow in the am and the boys were ready to play!

After three changes of clothes it was time go out and look for some boots, warmer mittens and some snow pants.

The boys were in the zone -snow and lots of it.

We had one scare that would be when one of my mil's beagles got out.
It was only 20 degrees, snow covered and it was getting colder, we were all panicked.
After 1 1/2 hours we were able to find her, what a relief!
We had a great visit with my in-laws and then Christmas Eve it was time to head down to my parents.
A bit stressful is all I can say.
(My mom and I are not very close-just the way it is.)
Christmas day for me was spent sleeping off a wicked migraine. *joy*

A stocking I made many years ago for my dad.

We had a nice visit, my brother came up and spent a day with us.
The boys were a bit sad that there was no snow but enjoyed spending time with their grandparents.
Our car coming back was packed to the hilt, seriously.
There was enough room for us to sit and nothing else.
Dh and I gave a sigh of relief when we finally pulled into the driveway the boys however are totally upset to be back in the warmer weather.
Snow is nice, but honestly, I don't miss dealing with all that goes along with it.

Linda said...

Looks like a great trip but it makes me glad that I don't live where there is a lot of snow, even though it is beautiful to look at.

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