Wake Up...

It is the start of the weekend and a day one would normally get to sleep in.
Guess who forgot to turn off her alarm clock?
Guess who has been up since 5:15 AM?
(I'm not the type that can just roll over and go back to sleep. *pout*)
*raises hand*
Yeah, me...

Linda said...

I'm the same way. Once I'm awake, I seldom go back to sleep. Did you at least get some good alone time with a good book?

Sandy said...

Naw, I ended up sifting through some emails, Swiffering the floors, folding and doing some laundry before the rest of the troops got up.

Anonymous said...

not me I can go back to sleep after about 30 mins being up. Yeah when I got off of work tonight I cleaned the bathroom and done some washing clothes .. I am a late owl.

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