Sites around town...

While Nateman was taking his SATs yesterday, dh, Spencer and I walked around Pickens, SC.
It is a very quiet quaint southern town.
I decided to take the camera because you never know what you might be able to catch.

This great old lock was on the metal gate in front of the Hagood-Mauldin House & Irma Morris Museum of Fine Arts. I will try to get back up there to take a tour of the house it was beautiful just from the outside. The stepping stone (above) was on the side of the house -there were quite a few of them.

I love town clocks of any size and shape.
This one still works and is in wonderful condition.

The McDonald's in town is so cool from the outside!
I was finally able to snap some pictures of it.

Unknown said...

Very nice tour and oh I love that old lock you found!

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