Snow Day!!

We had snow last night and were treated to such a beautiful sight this morning.
Now it did come with a tiny cost for a bit, we lost our power. *frown*
We bundled up, and lit candles all around the house until it was time to head off to bed.
It was off for about five hours it could have been much worse.

The kiddos were off from school and were thrilled to have one more day at home.
Majority has melted but tonight it shall turn to ice so we are on a two hour delay here for the morning.

Top of a shepard hook we have in the yard dusted with snow.

Spencer's snow angel kind of hard to see but it is there. He was more than willing to fall down in the snow and be able to roll around. :)

Our feathered friend filling up for the cold weather.

No laundry will be placed outside today.

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