Painting Project....

I had this wonderful idea on Saturday to paint the cabinets in our laundry room.
(Not like I still need to finish the moulding in the kitchen. Naw, I'll just start on something new.)
I removed all the stuff that was stored on/in them, sanded them off and then painted them white.

What a difference, no?!
Now, since I painted the cabinets you know what was going to be next.
Yup.. the walls.
I never liked the color so I guess after eleven years here I can go ahead and finally paint the room. (That icky yellowish color is the true color of the room. *shudder*)
Dh and I picked out a white that has just a subtle green tint.
My goal is to tackle painting above the cabinets and around the door frame tomorrow night.
Then tackle the wall by the dryer on Friday and the last wall over the weekend.
There are some ClosetMaid shelves (on the last wall) that need to come down before I can paint.
Trust me; my fingers are crossed that I will be able to get it all done.
Perhaps I might even be able to find someone to rid us of the horrid flooring that is in the room next.
How horrid is it?
1970's bold linoleum
I will spare you the torture for now but you will be seeing it at some point.
That is what I am working on currently and it feels good to finally be working on it. :-)
I'll keep you posted.
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