DIY not what I had invisioned...

All Iwanted to do today was paint behind our washer/dryer and utility sink.
Not going to happen today.
I know.. reach for your sun glasses or cover your eyes from that horrid 70's flooring.
(mentioned here)
I tried my best not to get the floor in the picture but unfortunately that was not happening.
So what happened you ask, right?!
I was happily taking out a few paint cans, shoes and two large containers of spackle.
(Guess I should mention that I just bought another container of spackle because I could not find the ones at home last week. We now have a grand total of three half used containers, two are white and one goes on pink to dry white. No real need for anymore for a bit of time.)
All was going really well and then I noticed this water just draining out of the U in the pipe for the sink.
Uh huh, I somehow poked a hole in the old metal pipe while moving the stuff out.
I grabbed a bowl that was sitting in the sink and then yelled asked the kiddos to get me some rags to clean up the water.
I placed a call to dh who was doing some upgrades at work (lucky him, he missed the fun) and mentioned out tiny set back.
Looks like another project to get done later this week.
It never fails; one project always leads to another which is why we tend not to start too many of them.
On the positive side, I will be painting that wall tomorrow.
I'll keep you posted on any other happenings with trying to simply paint the laundry room.
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