Anti-Theft Lunch Bag...

Alright so this caught my eye this morning and I just had to share.
What a fun way to keep someone from taking your lunch.
I would have loved to have had these while in high school when I was a freshmen.
You see for some very odd reason on the days when I would take a liverwurst, mustard & cheese sandwich my lunch would be gone!
Trust me they really are good sandwiches.
I'm not sure why they selected that specific day or who else would enjoy those sandwiches as much as I did.
To this very day I have no idea who had taken them.
These sandwich bags might have done the trick of keeping them away.
Psst... April 1st is right around the corner.. you get where I'm going with this?
So, if you want to get some Anti-Theft Lunch Bags for yourself or someone you know click here.

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