Cute Car Freshener....

One thing that I simply cannot stand is a stinky car.
The mom mobile has a bit of funk in the air and it simply had to go.
I noticed these cute little scentportable air fresheners while I was placing an order for some foamy soap at the Bath & Body Works site, so I tossed the shore breeze fragrance in my cart and waited for my order to arrive.
The first thing I did last Tuesday (when the order arrived) was pop this cute little air freshener in the car on the passenger side.
The decision was not easy to make because I thought about placing it back by the kiddos on the extra seat belts but for now it seems to be working out just fine.
I have to say it does no over power the car with fragrance it is nice a subtle and refreshing.
You can easily place this in a closet for a bit of fragrance or oh, how I can see it being used in a locker!
The scentportable comes in eleven wonderful fragrances, *crosses fingers* that a peach one will be coming next.
Check them out at Bath & Body Works.

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