Discovery Made!!

We never know exactly what we will find in our yard sometimes.
Today I was treated to this fun find, a Nesquik stainless steel spoon!
Actually, I am a bit surprised that I even found it.
I was out filling the bird feeders when this shiny object caught my eye.
As I looked down, I could tell that it was a spoon and instantly I thought back to when the boys were small.
They would play for hours outside in their sandbox but I could not recall them ever taking a spoon into the yard.
I bent down, pulled up on the silver looking object and was surprised at what I had found.

Quickly I came back into the house, washed off the spoon with super hot water (and soap) then boiled it.
The top of the spoon has the Quik bunny, which I think is so cute.
Now that the spoon is cleaned up it looks wonderful!
I did a bit of surfing for information and could only come up with that it dates to before 1990.
If anyone has any information about this spoon, I would love to hear from you.
Right now, I am just tickled pink with my find. :-)

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