First Picnic of the year...

It has been one busy and long week here out at the hurried house of chaos. The boys has PASS testing (state testing), painting the laundry room, switching out sockets, and just keeping on top of it all.
On Wednesday night, we opted to go out for a picnic the weather was in the low 80's and simply beautiful.
Fried chicken and mashed potatoes were on the menu and we were all looking forward to diving in. I never thought we would have an issue finding a picnic table but it would appear that there was a Clemson baseball game in town.
Eh, well, it was still a perfect time for a picnic.
We opted to sit where there is an open amphitheater near the river.
I started to snap some pictures of the ducks on the water and then eat.
It was great a bit unorganized because I forgot the paper plates so that meant no mashed potatoes.
Then Nate decided to go and feed the ducks that were coming our way.
When dh and I saw what he was doing we told him it was not the best idea but he went ahead and started to feed them.
He has always been the child who wanted to feed them and that as you can see below has not changed.

This little girl followed him (Nate) all over and was not bashful to say the least.

Two other feathered friends who were near and around us.

We enjoyed our walk after our picnic and are looking forward to taking many more during the spring.

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