IPod Charger - Product Rave

I love this little car charger for my IPod!
You see I was using one of those cassette things that you plug into your MP3 player and it will play through your car radio.
No issues here with that until it decided to die on me early last fall, which meant no more tunes for me.
I bought dh this exact same item about two years ago for Christmas and he loves his so I went off to purchase one only to find out they were no longer listed. *sniffle*
Then about two weeks ago, I decided to look again because I really wanted to listen to my music.
Ah-ha! They were in stock and one was coming to me.
It arrived on Tuesday; I used it yesterday while running some errands and I could not be happier.
One of the best items is that it charges it as you play it in the car!
So if you use it to work out, you can have it fully charged and ready to go once you get there.
There are some adapters that you can use to make sure your IPod will fit.
I do believe they are made for an IPod but you can check out the website of the manufacturer to see if yours would work.
Plus, you are not limited to just three stations to tune into so that you can play over your FM radio.
Now you can purchase this great little product at Overstocks.com. (love that site)

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