Peanut Butter & Sticker Residue.. Cleaning Tip

So yesterday, I was left with a sticker on the inside of a bowl I purchased for the dogs to be used as a new water bowl.
I went to peel off the sticker and was left with a mess.
>insert grumble<
I had some Dawn dish detergent and thought that might just do the trick. Added a squirt into the dish and poured in some really hot water and let it soak.
Two hours later I decided to see how it did, not good.
Sticky residue was still there.
I hopped on the internet to see what I could use that was not a harsh chemical when I stumbled across a few posts about peanut butter.
Well, I knew we had plenty of peanut butter so why not give it a try. I lightly spread a bit over the area, let it stand then rubbed it off in one direction with a paper towel.
Holy Cow!
It worked and it was all gone in a matter of seconds.
Now I will admit that I did have to put some elbow strength into process but it was really worth it.
The doggies now have a new water dish and I have a new trick on how to remove that awfulsticker residue. Just a helpful tip you can file away for when you need it. *smile*
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