A magical number for a fantastic goalie.

I don't blog much about my fondness of hockey (*scratches head* not really sure why) but this is one moment that deserves to be mentioned.

Spencer and I were watching two games last night: Flyers vs. Detroit & Thrashers vs. Penguins.

shh.. no need to tell me that the Thrasher lost or Spencer that the Flyers lost. *sigh*

We were watching the Flyers game when we were taken away to watch the end of the NJ Devils game and see Martin Brodeur win!

He broke Patrick Roy's record last night and it was one memory making moment.

(yeah, I did get all sniffly watching it.)

552 games - that is how many games he has won!

That's 22,585 whizzing hockey pucks he has stopped! I can't even imagine stopping one puck.

He gave a big jump (I would say that would be hard with all that goalie gear), received his teammates in a large hug and then cut the net down.
I thought that was quiet appropriate (cutting the net down) for his accomplishment.

Way to go Martin!


Read an article here and you can watch the final seconds here and you can also check out more information at NHL.com.

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