Life Lesson Learned the hard way....

I am so upset with myself over deleting some photos I had taken yesterday.
Sure your thinking what is the big deal just go and see if they are in your garbage can or retake them is possible.
I can say they are not in the garbage can - first place I looked and I can't retake them.
This is one of those sentimental moments that you simply can't get back.
As you know I am painting our laundry room (which is now done tyvm) and on one of the walls I had marked the growth of both boys since we moved here ten years ago.
See where I am going with this?
I did their height for the last time yesterday before I had to paint over it so I snapped a bunch of pictures.
Spencer was thrilled he is taller than what his brother was at ten and then marveled how he has grown since he was fifteen months old.
*heavy sigh*
I thought it was a fun and neat way for the boys to see how they have grown over the years and could not wait to have a picture to remember for always.
Not so now.
I downloaded the pictures into the computer and popped up the new software I am using for the pictures. I could not get them to move into a folder, noticed a checked box, unchecked it and BAM! there went all the pictures.
I also went ahead and deleted the pictures from the memory card one I knew they were transferred over.
Lesson learned is now not to rush and delete the pictures off the card.
It would appear that I have learned my lesson the hard way.
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