A fun childhood find..Avon Pins...

I know, I know I am dating myself.
(Serioulsy when don't I lately?)
I found these three Avon perfume pins while I was cleaning out the garage closet last weekend when I decided to plunge into a box of childhood stuff.
They are from the 70's, and in quite good condition considering I would wear them all the time.
My great aunt would send them to me as a special gift and I thought they were some of the best gifts ever because when you opened up the back (under the safety pin) there was perfume.
This meant I had my own perfume just like my mom.
Yeah, I was stylin or so I thought at the time.
(Hey, I was between 4-7 when I received them so please be gentle on me.)

Does anyone remember these pins from Avon?

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