You still have some time left....

There is a bit of time left before the midnight cut off tonight for the Soap Give Away.

Simply leave a comment (relevant of course) to anything that has been posted on my blog. I take care of the rest.

I have to let everyone out there know that I did have another entry this morning.

I am not sure what happened to it.

I thought I published it but it said I deleted it (an accident). *really embarrassed*

Perhaps I should have been paying more attention to Nate who was jibbering on to me about his Nintendo DS game and waited to check the accept/decline comment box.
Naw that would be too easy for Ms. Multitasker first thing in the morning, but I think I perhaps have learned my lesson on this one.

I emailed her right away to let her know about the mix up, then as I go back into my mailbox there is a not from Blogger stating that I posted a comment. Huh?!

I still do not see the comment, I have no clue. It is just one of those things that tend to happen to me.

This is her comment from my email (thank goodness I saved it):

quitecontrary1977 has left a new comment on your post "Soap Give Away...":

a good soap is like a fine wine...thanks for the giveaway

Posted by quitecontrary1977 to The Phizzing Tub... at July 11, 2008 1:53 AM

Good luck to everyone!

Updated: D'oh! I did fine her post, might help if I read what thread was replied upon.
I swear some days I worry about myself.

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