A 12th Birthday to Remember…

Nate celebrated his birthday twice while we were away. (lucky kid!)
I thought I would share his cakes that we created while away, I am tickled with how they turned out. *grin*
This year Nate wanted something Mario, he has found video games and his favorite currently are the Mario ones.

This cake I created at my parent’s house. I purchased this Mario laser edible topper for the cake. Then Nate and I went out shipping for some stars and found some red glitter gel along the way – perfect! I cut out the mushroom shaped cookies, it only took two takes before we had them right. The first batch expanded and well, they no longer looked like mushrooms. Lol..

The next cake he had on his birthday was made by my mil and sil, and they did a great day making a 1 up mushroom for him. They cut the cake to resemble a mushroom and then decorated it accordingly.

I think that this was one birthday that he will never forget.
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