New Bookshelf

Check out my new bookshelf on my side bar.

(I simply love it. Books need a nice shelf to sit upon.)

Just scroll down, it’s over here --->

I liked using my LibraryThing display but I stumbled across a blog that had a neat widget for the books they had read. I just had to click and find out more about this bookshelf.

Shelfari is the site that allows you to create the cool widget for your site. You can customize the shelf to fit your site, the style of shelf and how many books to display.

Not only that but you can find friends with similar interests, send them messages and join reading groups. It is quite an interactive site. I just joined this weekend, so I have not explored everything but what I have found I really like.

So, if you have a blog and are looking for a new way to display your reading material check out Shelfari!

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