Holiday Family Fun

So, yesterday we were supposed to head out to Stone Mountain in Ga.

Uh-huh you read the word supposed that should give you a clue that some how we managed not to go there.

I was in charge of the plans, not bad, I like doing that sort of stuff.

The only tiny little aspect that I did not cover until the night before was the travel time.

I thought it was perhaps just about an hour and twenty minutes from the house.

Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking but it turned out that it was more like 2 hours and some odd minutes from us.

We all wanted to go but there was no way I was going to drive that long on a major highway on a holiday. Scratch that idea.

Back to what to do…

We wanted to be outside and doing something…

Why not go up and find some other waterfalls?

Broke out a map (yeah, people still use them), perused the web and decided upon DuPont State Forest in North Carolina for some walking and waterfalls.

Then as we planned out our route, I found a gem mine along the way. Perfect!

We started the day with pancakes, we had purchased the day before Organic Batter Blaster. (I was outnumbered, they won this purchase on sheer convenienceto try.) I will be blogging about this product later today.

Lunches packed and ready to go!

Some of the pretty little gems that we found at Elijah's Mountain Gem Mine .

The skies not looking too friendly after gemming but onward we go!

We pulled into one of the parking lots in DuPont State Forest and it started to sprinkle. Eh, not a issue we decided to eat and then go on our journey. As we sat in the car eating it begins to rain harder then turn into a downpour.

*grumbles were beginning to form in my mind, and they were not very nice.*

Finally, twenty minutes later the rain stopped and the sun popped out. Woo-hoo! We are going to be able to see some waterfalls after all.

The map of the trail we will be taking to the first set of waterfalls.
We were walking to the big star.
(See this time I made sure to get a nice close up, just in case. Lol..)

Granted it was really humid after the rain but hey, I wanted to see some waterfalls.

The trail was the best one we had been since all year. Nice and wide, well marked and quite pleasant.

Raspberries were all over the trails, just a few more weeks and they will be ripe. *yummy*

A covered bridge graces the river that creates High Falls.

A great place to stop, rest and enjoy the sites.

After looking from the top, it was time to head back towards the bottom of the falls. Great! Sun still out, everyone happy and then boom! Nate looks at me and I at him, um.. was that thunder? I think so but we still have to sort of head out to go to the other path not a big issue.

KABOOM! Drat! With that rumble it was time to head back to the car and call it a day, no bottom of the falls for us.

We hustled it back to the car; it started to rain just a little so we drove down to the next parking area to perhaps attempt a walk to another set of falls.

We hummed and hawed for a few minutes and then boom! Done deal, we are heading home.

I am determined to get back up there to see the falls, good thing it is only about fifty minutes from us.

Once home we had dinner and some time to relax before we went out to town to see the fireworks.

A great ending to a fun filled day.

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