So, there I was standing by our back door chatting to a friend on the phone, when I happened to look out the door for Teddy.

Now, I noticed Teddy on the top step sunning himself and then I noticed this big long black thing in the grass.

Did it just move?

What is that thing?

Is that a head sticking up?

OMG, it’s a snake.

I do not like snakes.

Not big ones, not little ones, not even in between ones - not any snake!

Never have, never will. *shudder*

I had to get Teddy in (granted it was nowhere near him) because I had no idea what kind it was or what it was going to do.

I quickly opened the door, Teddy jumped down to the patio, I scooped him up and safely deposited him on the carpeting.

I just had to have a picture, so I grabbed the camera (while still chatting on the phone), ran back outside (must be nuts) and snapped this one picture.

I have no idea where it is, but I am keeping my eyes w-i-d-e open to see if I spot it again.

I did feel a tiny bit sorry because the back end of his tail (not shown in picture) did have a cut in it. (really, what am I thinking?!)

Hopefully, it was just passing through.

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