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I am online and back into my blog tonight. *VBG*

I did try to get in last night but I had a temporary brain freeze, for the life of me I could not think of my password. *rolls eyes*

Google was getting cranky with me, it was 11pm I was tired so I said, “It’s going to wait until the morning.”

Our trip up was pretty smooth sailing. The only thing that made me sad was that I lost my initial charm to my bracelet outside of Charlotte. *sniffle* I was trying to get the dogs out of the car in some semi orderly fashion (they were bouncing all over the place) and they wound themselves around me a few times hitting my wrist. I think this is probably when it fell off, I did not notice it missing until we were in Roanoke, VA. No chance at that point of me driving three, hours back to look for it.

Today was one packed day.

This is where we went. *grin*

Spencer loves to go to the Hershey tour when we visit my parents, for him it is not a trip unless we visit the Hershey. We know the words by heart to the tour but it does not dampen our spirits one little bit.

**I think I will have to try and break some of these days down a bit at a later time. There is quite a bit I would really like to share with everyone and I am really on limited time. So for now just a few pictures and then when I am back I will share the sites in depth. **

Then we went to Lititz, PA, which is such a quaint town. We stopped in at Wilbur Chocolate, to see even more wonderful chocolate made by hand.

Needless to say…mmm.. Chocolate.

I found this sign at the chocolate store and thought it was great!

After purchasing a few more pieces of chocolate we were off to walk in the park and then head over to the Julius Sturgis house for a pretzel tour. Mr. Sturgis was the first to create a commercial pretzel factory in the USA – pretty interesting.

Then we had one last stop before we would head back home and that was to the Ephrata Cloister. I had always wanted to go there since my one college roommate took me past it on a trip back to her house (ah, many moons ago).

I was a happy little camper snapping pictures right and left. You will notice when I finally get all the pictures up that I took many window shots, I can’t explain why but the windows just captured my attention.

It was quite a busy day today, not sure what is on tap for tomorrow but for now, I am hitting the hay!

Anonymous said...

Yumyumyum!!!! What did you buy to munch on? :-)

All of your adventures seem like so much fun. Can't wait to see pics of the kids!

Did you stop to buy some Amish jam?

Sandy said...

too many goodies to munch on!
Chocolate, chocolate, Twizzlers (super fresh), some new candies, interesting Kisses (will blog about once home), oodles of sugar goodness!

Nope, no jam on this trip.

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