Checking In...

Alright, I know I have not been online much to keep you posted.
It has been quite a whirl wind since we left my parents on Monday afternoon.
Sunday we had cake to celebrate Nate's birthday with my family.
(I'll share that cake on Thursday)
Monday, we went out for pizza at the Colonial in Easton (old stomping grounds for dh and I).
Then I ended up with a whopper of a migraine and I was toast for the night and struggled through the day today. *ick*

Late nights and early mornings= not so wonderful headaches for me.


Today we went to Yuengling Brewery in Pottsville, Pa (another old stomping ground for me) and it was great! The tour has not changed much and the boys really enjoyed themselves. Plus, free beer for the adults. *wink, wink* I can't wait to write about this when I get back home.

Then off to Knoebels Park for the afternoon. Yes, I still had my headache but it was still a good time. A great family park that does not hurt the piggy bank, how cool is that?!

So, for now I am going to sign off and get some sleep. Dh has turned in for the night and the laptop is sort of keeping him up. I need nobody grumpy in this house.
I think tomorrow we are off to do a tour of Martin Guitar!

Take care and I'll check in tomorrow night with you!
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