Missed Ya....

It is not like I did not want to write or post anything yesterday.

I started a post, really I did but was interrupted by two kids playing on the Wii, dogs who kept wanting to go out (and two kids who were too busy to put them out), the phone constantly ringing, grocery shopping, stopping at the library, making meals for the family, dealing with a massive headache and lastly, dh coming home early so we could go see Speed Racer.
(On a quick side note: Speed Racer was actually pretty good. If you get a chance to watch it on DVD, go for it. The special effects were outstanding! It was one of those quirky but fun movies.)

My time was limited and unfortunately something just had to give and *sniff* it was my blog.


I promise to do better next time, even if it is a picture to keep everyone happy.

Until tomorrow…

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