Beer Soap -Take 2...

Earlier this week I made beer bread, and it was really good!

Now in preparation for the bread, I took out a bottle of beer, popped it open and left it so it would become flat.

The problem was that the beer needed to be only room temp not flat.

See it has been a whole week of me not reading correctly.

Now what was I going to do with the flat beer?

No slugs this year so that option was out.

Not going to drink it that was for sure.

Could dump it but seems like such a waste.

Hey, hey I could make another loaf of beer soap.

The last one I made was with a light beer (Yuengling Light Lager to be exact) and it was really quite nice.

I was not planning to use my soap pot because that was where all the names were being kept for the Soap Give Away. Yet, I needed to make this batch of soap; names were carefully removed and placed in my 1 lb soap mold while I worked my magic in my soap pot. *tee-hee*

So, I have the pot ready, found my scale went to use my scale and the battery just died.

You have got to be kidding me. I have used it all day to weigh items for shipping weights without an issue and now it dies, of all the luck. (this was Tuesday)

I did not feel like going out for just a battery so I could wait until Wednesday when I had a hair appointment; two birds one stone kinda thing going on.

Stopped for my battery before my appointment and was floored at the price!

Holy Cow. $6.99 for two 9V batteries. That was the cheapest way to go because a singe was $5.39. When did they go up in price?!

Yesterday was the day to make the soap!

I added a touch of silk fibers to this batch. (TY Blizzard for the silk!) I have used some bars from others that contained silk and they were quite nice. I added the silk to the lye water and mixed it until they were all dissolved.

This time the beer was a Lager from Yuengling (good to drink, too!)

Side Note: In fact, we are taking the boys on a tour of the Yuengling plant in Pottsville, PA next week. I have been there twice before (so cool) but this time we get to see the caves! I will do my best to snap some photos if we are allowed. If you get the chance to visit, go it is quite interesting.

The fragrance used was Irish Spring type from Fragrances by Design.

The soap went 1, 2, 3, it really was that easy. I added a bit of titanium dioxide to the top and added an extra ounce of caster oil (this girl loves bubbles).

The soap smells wonderful and I have to come clean to using a tiny slice this morning. It has a nice thick and creamy lather.

Ooo.. I can’t wait until this one is cured.

I think I will name it Irish Creek, after the road my parents live on.

Oh, and all the names have been added back into the cleaned out soap pot. *wink*

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