I have to say that normally I am not one to procrastinate.

In fact I am the complete opposite; I am the one who gets started right away when items are presented to me and completes them early.

Yet this year, I seem to be slipping into a pattern of putting things off until the last minute or simply just tired of looking at something.

Such a slippery slope I am heading down and I do not really like it too much.

Today, however I decided that it was time to take on some of those jobs I have not accomplished.

I was able to paint the last drawer for the kitchen, pull the weeds in a few flower patches, shred a pile (and I mean a pile) of paper, clean out the laundry room, bag some clothes for Goodwill, make a pile of papers that will need to be filed and put fertilizer on my flowers.


It was a packed day of getting items completed that should have been done in oh..ah…um... May.

Ya know it was still a struggle to get them done.
I honestly just wanted to curl up with my book in bed and tune out for the whole day.

Hopefully, I am done with procrastinating for a bit of time.

Guess that I should not mention that I have to get some items ready ship that I sold on Ebay but I think I will wait until tomorrow morning. *blush*

This may take some time….

(photo from Despair Inc)

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