Hershey's Chocolate World - Visit

Spencer simply cannot visit his grandparents and not request a trip to the Hershey’s Chocolate World.

Simply put he LOVES to go to Hershey’s.

I am always amazed at the chocolate scent that just floats through the air.

Hershey’s Chocolate World is a great way to see the process of how the famous chocolate is created. There is no admission fee for this attraction and you are rewarded with a sample of one of their products. This time we had two pieces of the Bliss Raspberry chocolates, and they were good!

You actually ride in these attached cars that go around to various portions to show you the stages that the cocoa bean goes through until it becomes a piece of chocolate. When you are done you have the option of purchasing a picture that was taken of your car along the way. Then you walk down into an area that sells all sorts of Hershey’s products, you will find everything from cookies, to candy, to shirts to stuffed toys. Honestly, it is chocolate overload when it comes down to making a purchase. I found some unique kisses that I purchased and I will be reviewing them over the next week. :)

There is also Hershey Park that you can do with the family, and a zoo, the flower gardens (they are stunning), and much more. It is a wonderful place to take a family vacation, enjoy the sites and all that chocolate!

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