Lititz, PA – Chocolate & Pretzels

Lititz is such a quaint town in Pennsylvania.

We visited there after our tour of Hershey to take in the Wilbur Chocolate Museum.
Wilbur chocolate has a long history behind it and creates some wonderful milk chocolate.

When you enter the building you can hear the machines upstairs churning away processing & making the chocolate. There are two room devoted to products they made along with various items used to make chocolate candy. They also had a video of the process that you could watch.

Nate had no trouble finding some chocolate that interested him. His lovely selection was a milk chocolate with puffed rice, Spencer wanted gummy worms, and I found a *hold on to your hat* chocolate covered Nutter Butter cookie. OMG!

The milk chocolate they made is super creamy and not overly sweet, it reminds me of a European chocolate. Oh, it is so good. We have since signed up for a catalog to have some goodies shipped to us during the fall/winter.

We placed our purchases in a cooler we had brought along because it was so hot and I did not want a melted mess.

The town has a beautiful park that has a large gazebo and fountain. There is a steam that runs through that had so many ducks, we watched them for a few minutes before we headed off to Sturgis Pretzels.

The Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery is in the original 1861 building that Mr. Sturgis made his first commercial pretzel in. I love old stone buildings and would love to hear the walls talk.
This was the second trip to this bakery for the boys and I, we wanted to share the fun with dh. You learn how to roll a pretzel the proper way and the meaning behind the shape. When you are done you and are awarded a certificate.

Nate made an excellent pretzel!

You learn how the pretzels were once baked, dried and then sold.

You can purchase various types of pretzels after your tour.

They now sell soft pretzels for $1.00, however they were not sold back in the day of Julius Sturgis. When you complete the tour you receive a small bag of pretzels. The pretzels are still family owned under the name Tom Sturgis. The pretzels are no longer rolled by hand; they are extruded and made in Shillington, PA.

It was a great day and then again what day is not good without chocolate & pretzels?!

Oh, that chocolate covered Nutter Butter was out of this world. I have to admit that I ate it before I even thought about snapping a picture to share with everyone. Sorry *blush*

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