Waiting, waiting, waiting.....

I have to be honest; I was quite ruffled late yesterday afternoon.

(I had to take time before I did this post, otherwise it could have been really ugly.)

Normally, I am pretty easy going about stuff.

Every so often, I might become a little impatient and not let it show.

I would accept an apology on why I would be kept waiting for a bit of time as, “We all have problems and run a little behind. Not an issue.”

Yesterday was not that day.

Oh no, not the day at all.

I did not make a scene but I was mighty hot under the collar.

So what was the deal?

Nate had an orthodontic evaluation yesterday at 4:30, no problem.

(It takes about thirty minutes to get there.)

We arrived about five minutes before hand and proceeded to wait.

Nate was busy playing his Nintendo DS while Spencer and I were chatting about various news stories that were on the TV.

Fine, one patient was called back (10 min. after we arrived) and there was still another ahead of us.

Waiting, waiting, waiting, and now I noticed that the person ahead of us went up (another 10 min have passed) and said forget it she would reschedule.

We sat there; I figured that it would not be too much longer.


It was now 5:00 pm, I had waited thirty minutes.

The patient behind us went up and inquired how much longer it would be for her.

Next thing I know she was escorted back.

Wha?!?! You have to be freakin' kidding me.

I told the boys to get up that we were going.

The boys were now mumbling, “Mom is not in a good mood.”

They (the staff) must have sensed an angry person was approaching for the next thing I knew we were next to be escorted back to a room.

So, it is now 5:04 pm, there were about four people all sitting in chairs in various stages of work or teeth cleaning.

Does not look good.

No sign of the good Dr. at 5:25 pm, the kids are whining and I was tired of waiting.

I picked up the dental sheet, told the boys to go out to the car and we walked out the front desk. I told the billing assistant that I was done; we were not going to wait any more. The office manager had already gone home for the day (nice, real nice).

I was apologized too but honestly, my time is worth something too.

Simply, I smiled and said I would reschedule at a later time.

Out the door and into the open air where I inhaled deeply to get some of the anger/stress out of me.

I felt that an hour was long enough to wait, my time is worth something.

It would not have been bad if they would have stated that Dr. was running behind would you mind rescheduling? Keep me posted on exactly how long it was going to take for him to see us.


We arrived home, rustled up dinner and then the phone rang.

(never fails)

Dh answered, he was on for a few minutes, hung up and told me it was the Dr. calling to apologize up and down for me having to wait so long

I do appreciate the fact that the Dr. did call me, I am still not happy about how long I waited for nothing.


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