OOO... I'm red...

I was really hoping that this morning would not be so bad, looks like I was wrong.

I sting.

My feet, legs, neck,hands and upper arms all really, really red.

I sort of have to chuckle because I now know where I miss when I used my daily facial cream with spf 15, my right jaw line is charred where I apparently did not apply it properly.

I have a feeling it will be a long day.

Yes, the boys have a bit of sunburn too.

I do feel like a rotten mom on some level, they were fighting me putting on the sunscreen yesterday so I said, “Fine, don’t listen to me and see what happens.”

Guess they found out.

Nate has red legs, his one side of his neck & ear is red where he pulled away from me and a small potion of his back where he decided he’d had enough of the protection.

Spencer is in much better shape than Nate and exceeds me by light years.

His one leg is a smidge red and his lower back is a bit pink.

I was really on top of him because I could see him turning red.

Looks like I will be a bit of a sore day but honestly, the fun that we had was well worth it.

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