Tick Tock...

So time is just ticking away from me at this point to finish painting the kitchen and clean up the dining room.

I really had all intentions to getting the cabinets painted today but well, er, um, I lost my zip somewhere along the line.

I had to meet someone that I sold some items to on Craigslist (great place to sell your stuff), so once I did that I needed to run an errand.

By time I arrived back at the house it was 10:30ish, hum… not enough time to pull out all the paints and get started.

Eh, I had an old Kodak digital camera w/ printer sitting here that had been needing to be posted up for sale on Craigslist.
Why not now?!
Posted it and whamo!
Instant reply from someone who was willing to meet me in my town after I picked up Nate, super!

I then decided to start scrubbing the other doors that were left; they were the ones that really needed a bomb good hard scrubbing to remove all the ick upon them.

Time to eat lunch, then off to post office, another store to pick up some vent filters for the house, schools to pick up the kiddos, and then off to meet the buyer for the camera.

After I hopped back in the car from the camera transaction, Spencer asked why he could not have it. >insert silent scream<

I asked both boys over and over again if they wanted that camera, each and every time I was greeted with a, “No, mom.”

Of course that all changed when they saw me hand it over to the buyer. *sigh*

I was able to sand all of the doors down and start somewhat on the cabinets tonight, but I need a different roller so I will not have many lines (if any) in the paint. One of those I know I have one here somewhere (while rummaging through a pile of paint supplies) and of course I have about six of the smaller rollers yet not the one I needed.

It looks like another trip to Lowe’s is in order for me in the morning.

Perhaps if I can get good nights sleep I will have a bit more energy to get it done tomorrow.

I can hope, right?!

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