Long, Long Day....

I know, you were looking forward to hearing about something from me today.

I can tell you that I went on a field trip with roughly 110 third grade children, and it was a two hour trip one way. (what an interesting day… Tylenol anyone?!)

We arrived back at the school at 5:25 pm, and then it was kicking it up even another notch.

I can tell you that when we arrived home, I met with a pet sitter, buzzed off to get the family a quick burger to eat, take Spencer to soccer practice, run a few more errands after practice and now finally checking email.

I’m a bit crabby and really, really tired.

I was up at 4:30 am and it is now 10:22 pm.

We are going to Charleston tomorrow, which means I need to get to bed to get some sleep.

I will write about the field trip, and share a few of the pictures I was able to snap while running after those in my group.

I will also make sure to write about Charleston.

I can’t promise that I will get to it tomorrow but I will do my best.

Catch everyone on the flip side!

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