Melt and Pour Fun

I has been three years since I have worked with any M&P (melt and pour) soap.

It was weird but felt really good.

You see, when I first started making soap nine years ago, this was my first medium. I made soaps in all sorts of shapes, designs, various colors, and it was really fun. That fondness of fun and having friends purchase items from me opened a door for a business. I opted to try CP (cold process soap) in my last year of business. I put my fear of lye aside, made my first batch and instantly a new addiction hobby was found!

About two months ago, I decided to purchase a tiny bit of m&p so I could try adding it to my cp soap. I like the way the two look when combined.

My hope to be able to try it this weekend (with some luck) and my fingers are crossed that it will turn out.

I thought I would share a few of my
melt and pour soaps with you.

neutron said...

Wow, these are amazing!! Can't wait to see how the new batch turns out.

Sandy said...

Thank you.

That makes two of us! :)

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