Rice Work Crisps - Review

We stumbled upon them ( riceworks Sea Salt) at Costco a few months back as they were giving out samples.

Boy, am I glad that we tried them. (kiddos are not fond of them - pfft! they have no clue to what they are missing.)

These crisps are soooo delicious.

They are good by themselves, with hummus, cheese spread, salsa, cheese. I could go on but I think you get the picture, they go with everything.

Just a few facts about the crisps: triangular shaped, wheat & gluten free, natural ingredients, NO Trans fats (hurray!), 33% less fat than a potato chip!

The crisps have a nice snap to them, not overly salty (no need to have a gallon of water by your side to quench your thirst) and you can really see the brown rice in the crisps. You may have a hard time eating just ten *cough* not like I would have that issue.

A great selection of flavors:

Sea Salt


Thai Curry

Sesame Soy

Sweet Chili

I would love to try the Thai Curry, if only I could find them. :-t

Check out riceworks and see if they are in your neck of the world, so you can give them a try.

I think you will be hooked!
neutron said...

ooooowww, wasabi, thai curry, sweet chili ... very exoctic. I just checked out the website, and yes, they have them here too, yahoo!! I'm definitely going to give them a try. I'll keep u posted.

Sandy said...

ooo, glad to hear you can find them!
Do keep me posted on the flavors; I'm really curious about them. I think you will enjoy the crisps.

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