Our new friend... a frog

Spencer and I were out watering all of the flowers in the backyard Saturday night.

So much for the strong thunderstorms that were forecasted, by 4 in the afternoon we had bright sunshine. Guess the clouds did not want to stick around any longer.


I was snapping more pictures of my roses and he was in charge of watering half the flowers. He asked me to go turn off the water for him. I walked over and turned it off.

As he was trying to roll up the hose, he yelled really loud.

I turned around and all he said was, “frog.”

I am looking all over the place for a frog in the grass; he’s pointing and saying, “There, there is the frog,”

Now, I know my eyesight is good because I just it checked but I could not see the frog. Slowly, Spencer walked over, pointed it out with his foot and sure enough there was the frog.

I was looking for a green little friend but as you can tell this one blended right in.

Looks like we have another addition to our backyard this year!

neutron said...

awww, that's kinda cute. in a weird pimply-worty way ;)

Sandy said...


Yeah, really! :)

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