Isle of Palms - Charleston, SC

Sorry for taking so long to get this post up. I did not forget about it, I just had to wade through 210 pictures and wanted to make sure that I did not torture everyone too much.

Wednesday, we were able to take a day off from it all!

Granted it took us three hours to get to the beach but it was so worth it.

Dh had an interview, so the boys and I decided to tag along and spend our time on the beach.

The weather was absolutely perfect (84 degrees) and the water was warm (74 degrees).

The boys played in the water, I went in quite a few times myself, (it was low tide when we were

there), snapped pictures and thought of nothing as I listened to the waves crashed on the beach.

Even though the three of us received a sunburn to some degree, it was a well deserved break from it all.

Check out more information about the Isle of Palms, it is a great clean beach that is so family

friendly. We are already planning our next trip back, soon!

I thought that pictures would be best to show our day *cough* even though I took over two hundred

photos. . I could ramble on and on but um, I think I would end up putting you to sleep. :-p

You know your in the deep south when you see Piggly Wiggly!

(This one is for you Blizzard!)

Funny for those Spongebob fans: Right after I snapped this picture, we passed a drivers ed car. Not really a big deal but the personalized license plate stated: Mrs. Puff.


Looking out while crossing the bridge and entering the Isle of Palms.

First stop... lunch!

hot dogs & a Coke - That hit the spot and we were ready for the beach!

Beautiful houses along the beach.

My chair on the beach and a little feathered friend who would visit when I was not sitting down.

Birds, birds and more birds.

The boys had a fanfreakintastic time in the water.
It was as if they sprouted gills, they simply did not want to be on the beach.

Just a few other sites we were able to view.
The fishing boat was coming back in and the cargo plane would circle around every now and then.

Just a perfect day at the beach.

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