Carrot Soap

I fell in love with a bar of carrot soap a few years back when I was in a soap swap.

The bar was simply wonderful and since that day I have wanted to create a bar of my own.

I went to the store Friday night for a few items and noticed that carrot juice was on sale.

Humm.. no time like the present to give it a whirl.

I brought out all of my soaping goodies yesterday (Mother’s Day) and began my fun.

This bar is made with rice bran oil (rbo); I had some so I thought I would try to finally use it all up.

I scented the batch with Nectarine Blossom & Honey Jo Malone type from Fragrances by Design. This fragrance oil was purchased because of wonderful reviews and I wanted to try something new.

What a beautiful fragrance and it fits the bar quite well.

Everything went so smoothly together, oh happy day!

I checked (I know, a big no, no) last before I went to bed and it was still in gel stage.

Hummm.. I went to bed with my fingers, toes, and knucles crossed.

Once the hub and bub of the morning was behind me I went and opened up the lid to the soap.

Oh the horror!!

I have a huge crack in the top. Arrrgh!

This has never happened to me before and I was so heartbroken. (More about the looks of the bar than anything else. *sigh* )

It would appear that it heated up a bit too much. *drat*

I cut the loaf up and now they bars will be curing for six weeks.

I’ll take a picture of them in a few weeks and let you know how they are doing.

The do smell wonderful and you really can’t see the crack too much.

*Every time I make soap with rbo, I have issues, so I think I will not attempt any more bars using it.

Just stick with my recipe and know what to expect for the end results.

Anonymous said...

thanks sandy! i'm glad you found my article helpful ;)

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