I’m still not 100% better but I am plugging along.

Today was just one thing after another, and it looks like it is going to be a frantic week until Friday arrives.

Why is that?!

Well, we are going to have company for the holiday weekend.

My MIL & FIL are arriving Friday afternoon.

Normally, this would not put me into too much of a frenzied downward spiral but….

the kitchen is still torn apart (painting cabinets & now walls), molding in kitchen needs to be sanded and painted, the dining room still needs to be fixed up (that is a whole other story), carpets re-steamed, and a few other smaller projects need to be completed.

We have boxes from dh’s office all over that we need to go through and sort out some how some way. I think they may end up in our storage room in the garage until we can give them the proper attention. *sounds good to me*

IT was a frantic day… here is how it turned out:

  • 4 loads of laundry
  • 2 hostas planted
  • created a new flower arrangement for the front step
  • ran errands to two stores – picked up paint for kitchen
  • sanded and wiped out the cabinets
  • Kilzed portions of the cabinets to be painted
  • 2 new window blinds put up -(had to drill new holes)
  • new shower curtain installed
  • family room vacuumed (moved furniture)
  • made dinner
  • dropped off and picked up the boys from school
  • baked three dozen cookies (I’m in charge of snack for Spencer’s class tomorrow – they are doing PACT testing and they normally have a snack once completed).
  • put dishes away from dishwasher
  • cleaned out behind and under the refrigerator
  • helped Spencer with his homework
  • created strawberry shortcake

I’ll be up early so that I can get a coat of paint on the cabinets before the kiddos go to school.
My goal is to paint the cabinets and walls tomorrow. *fingers & toes crossed!*

So with that said, I am finally calling it a day.

Good night.

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