The Thrid Time is .....

not the soaping charm. *pout*

I was having a hard time getting motivated this morning, a real hard time.

There were errands to be done, drawers & doors to be painted, laundry to be put away and a tub to be scrubbed, but all I wanted to do was to do nothing.

After putting off some items and talking to dh as he drove to work, I sifted through some email. Not a bad start to attempting to get something done.

Then I noticed the time, hum… 10 am well, guess the errands could wait another day and I could tackle some things at home.

Opted to cut my sea mist soap and then I decided to whip up another batch.

Pulled out a recipe and fiddled with it a little because I wanted to use Mango Butter in it, checked it out in a soap calculator (helps me with how much water & lye to use) and began to measure out the ingredients. Melted all the ingredients, put on my protective gear, headed out to the garage to measure out the lye and mix it with the water.

Slight issue… (nothing unusual) to my dismay I was short 1.4 ounces. (What? You mean you did not hear my scream?! I'm surprised.)

Quickly I decided to run to Lowe's to see if they had lye in stock but while I was out and about I might as well stop and get two of my other errands done.

Zipped to Lowe's, walked quickly back to the plumbing section (toes crossed that would be in stock) and ugh!

They are out.

No, no, no… how can that be?!

I came home, placed foil over top my pot, placed the mixing items way and was totally bummed.

I placed an order for lye, with some luck it will be here by the weekend. (Oh please, oh please be here.)

Guess the third time was not the charm today. *rats*

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