Rolling Along...


Yes, I am rolling out the paint across my cabinets right now.

Well, not right now because right now I am taking a break and writing here.

I think I have bitten off more than I can handle. *ugh!*

The doors & few drawers need to be painted and yes, the walls are still needing attention.

Oh boy…

Plus all the stuff needs to be put back in, doors up and the dining room cleaned out.

On top of floors needing to be steamed (late tomorrow night), bathrooms scrubbed, lawn mowed, Autumn (other dog) washed and some winter clothes tossed up in the attic.

Plus, I accidentally broke my night stand (just a simple round decorative table) on Sunday and that needs to be replaced.

It will be a mircle if I can get it all pulled together some how before Friday at 4 pm.

Right…forgot to throw in there some grocery shopping and a hamster needing to be cleaned out.

I have not broken down yet….

This is where I will be spending the next few hours ….

They may not look like much but trust me it is quite a bit.

Off to have fun with my paint roller....
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