Next Up....Sea Mist Soap

Today, between painting more cabinets (what a project this is turning out to be), laundry, cleaning up from breakfast, answering phone calls, I decided to make a new loaf of soap. *wahoo*

This batch I decided to use Sea Mist from Heaven Scent Candle & Soap Supplies.

OMG! What a refreshing and beautiful unisex fragrance.

Kinda reminds me of when a sea mist rolls in, just totally clean and revitalizing.

I opted to add in some jojoba spheres (blue), a bit of my liquid titanium dioxide (recall, I don’t get along with powdered titanium dioxide) and removed some of the soap to color it blue. Now, the blue will not be a pretty sky blue as I had wanted because I used olive oil in this batch and it can tend to slightly “tint” the soap.

The soap mixed together perfectly, now I wait anxiously to rip open the lid and see what it looks like. *biting nails*

Silly little bit:

Spencer was home today with a sore throat.

He wanted to keep me company while I was painting, so I told him to sit in the middle of the kitchen floor. This way he would not be able to touch any paint and have it get on his clothes … or so I thought.

I was finally done with the cabinets I needed paint today, so I picked up stuff and headed to the laundry room to clean up.

When I emerged, I see Spencer rubbing his shirt.

No, no.. I really don’t see white on his shirt do I?!

I ask really nice, “What’s up with the shirt, big guy?”

Um.. nothing, really, nothing.

This is the point I hear the warning bells going off in my head.

So… “Then why are there white marks on your shirt?”

Really, there are? He stated.

Then went on to say, “Huh.. I just leaned way over the edge to get to the sink and wash my hands.”

Gah.. I swear this boy is a magnet for paint. Every single time I paint a room, those little paint particles just end up on him. Last year, it was white paint on his black shorts when I painted Nate’s room. Before that, green paint from his room on a white t-shirt. When he was much younger, some how he ended up with paint on his feet and that was tracked over the carpet in a few areas.

Never a dull moment.

neutron said...

I'm still in awe that you make your own soap and I know I've said this before, but ... that's just way cool :)

Sandy said...

Thanks you, again. *smile*
It is a fun hobby, now to figure out what to do with my 80+ bars in the house. *lol*

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