Saying Good Bye....

Earlier this week my parents had to help their dog over the Rainbow Bridge, it was quite heartbreaking.
Sasha was thirteen (they got her when Nate was born) and they were fun filled thirteen years. :D
I can still remember the first time they brought her and she met Nate.
Nate ran around with Sasha right at his heels, and when he fell down she smothered him with kisses.
The giggles that erupted from him were so wonderful.
She was so gentle and kind with children.
Sasha was my dad's best buddy, she was so calm when he came home from the hospital in February and followed him all over their property.
I always laughed because she looked for her new squeaky toy when they came home from grocery shopping and was never disappointed.
(She had a massive basket full of them.)
*heavy sigh*
She was a great little fuzzy friend that will be greatly missed.
R.I.P Sasha

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