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Creamy Italian Crock Pot Chicken - Recipe

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4:39 PM

With the boys doing online schooling this year, things run a bit different than they used to in the house.
One of the most important items is dinner time; we have been adjusting it so that I can still make meals that are filling and taste really good.
I had some bone-in chicken breasts in the freezer and honestly I did not feel like cooking last Thursday so I decided it was the perfect crock pot day.
I just used what was in the house that ended up creating a tasty chicken dinner.

4 bone-in chicken breasts
1 low fat can of cream of chicken soup
1 package of Italian salad dressing mix
add 1/4 cup of water ( you can add a bit more if you would like)

Cook on low for 8 hrs

Be very careful of bones that may have come loose while cooking.
Right before you serve, mix in 1/4 cup of shredded cheese into the soup mixture.

Boil egg noodles or rice to serve with the chicken and sauce.

Simple and easy.

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Amanda said...

trying this one's similar to another recipe I've used, except without the cream cheese...I LOVE the smell---thanks for your blog--I'm bookmarking it!

Sandy said...

I hope that it turned out well for you. :)
mmm... cream cheese in that mix would taste wonderful.
Glad you enjoy the blog.