I'm slipping....


This year we are doing a virtual school with both boys and let me tell you we are hopping from 8 to around 4 every day.
Throw in daily life items (cooking, cleaning, laundry, and groceries), yard work, and anything else that may pop up along the way and bam! you have one filled day.
Once we are done with dinner I get ready for the next day and try to unwind.
Seriously, I am slipping in the blogging department.
I miss it.
This is one of my outlets that I really enjoy and have missed over the past few weeks.
I'm trying to get items done in phases and it seems that I am slowly getting some time open up in the day.
Work with me and before long I should be back into the swing of things.
Well, I sure hope so.
I have a recipe coming up later in the week and will be looking at some new ones to give a whirl.
Seriously, it is pretty bad when I don't even look at the new cooking magazines when they arrive.
Learning curve, right?

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