MasterCook is back!

I have my MasterCook back on my computer.
*skips around the room*
Not sure if you noticed or not but when I posted the recipes there was no nutritional information.
That was due to my error when moving my pictures off my computer to a portable hard drive last month.
I was feeling really great because I figured out by myself on how to move the pictures then remove them off my computer.
The only issue was that some how in my moment of feeling wonderful I accidentally removed my MasterCook program.
Computers and I are not the best of friends from time to time as it turned out that day.
This past week my DH found my back up of my old computer which held the copy of the software.
(Yes, I did thank him and made his favorite cookies.)
We are back in action (minus any recipes I placed in the software before we backed it up) and the recipes again will show the nutritional information.
Ahh..this is great news.

Oh! If you would like to order MasterCook check out Amazon.com.

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