Galaxy Minstrels - Review

A few weeks back DH bought these chocolates for me to try and review because he knows that I like to do chocolate reviews. :D

I needed a chocolate fix pretty bad this past week so I raided my emergency chocolate drawer and pulled out these Minstrels made by Galaxy. I did find out that Galaxy is made by the Mars Company in the UK and the chocolate is sold in parts of Europe.

The first thing I noticed once I opened the bag was how big they were. I popped the first chocoalte in and noticed that the shell was quite hard. It was much harder what you would find on an M&M. Then there was the taste of the chocolate it had a definite sweet milk taste to the chocolate but there was a slight flavor that reminded me of I dunno something.
I needed to ponder this and of course taste another.
Definitely the candy had a harder shell than I like.
The chocolate was sweet but there was simply something about the taste that kept throwing me off.
Personally, I could not eat a lot of these at once and would not go out of my way purchase them.
I seem to be the odd one out with this candy.
See for yourself.
Candy Blog Review and Chocablog Review

Perhaps I will pick up another bag and give them another chance.
I'm game.
You can pick these up at UK Goods or do a search for them for other online stores.

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