London Broil Crock Pot - Recipe

I picked up a London broil last week and wanted to make it in the crock pot.
Not too sure how to make it, I just with what we had in the house.
I cooked the meat for around 7 hours on low then 1 hour on warm.
The meat was so nice and tender.
I added some corn starch to the soup mix to make gravy to use over top some rice I made to go with the meat.

I did have a photo to put up but it seems to have gone poof!

It was a wonderful meal that we all enjoyed and had enough left over to make beef and noodles a few days later.

London Broil - I cut it in half and placed it in the crock pot
2 cans Cream Mushroom Soup - sea salt version
1 can of button mushrooms
a few shakes of garlic powder
a few shakes of onion powder
1 tablespoon water

Cook on low for around 8 hrs and enjoy!

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