Finally Over....

Have you ever had a week were you were thrilled when it was finally over?
Yeah, see I knew you had.
I have to admit that I am thrilled that this past week is over.
*exhales a heavy sigh*
You see I was to have surgery on the 29th of this month.
(post is here)
This is now not going to happen due to a request from the Dr's office for money up front due to the fact we have not met our deductible. (Let me just say that it is a nice chunk of change.)
We have never had this issue with any other doctor and trust me between dh and I we have had our fair share of surgeries.
They then went on to pressure the second Dr's office to be on board with their billing practices.
We have talked to our insurance co. and they stated that yes, it can really happen because they (Dr's office) want to guarantee they get paid and for us to find a new doctor.
Has anyone else ever had this happen?
I would really like to hear from you if it has. Leave a msg or email me..(my email is on the side bar over there. --->

Needless to say I have been crabby and in tears all week.
I was finally going to get on with my life in certain aspects; now I need to find a new Dr. and start from ground one.


I am taking some down time this weekend by reading, baking and not really thinking about anything.
Thank goodness.

James Hazel said...

Well, I have never had this happen and have not heard of it happening except to some obviously indigent persons. I would take it as a personal insult. I don't pay the plumber until they have completed their work. Same for the electrician, the gardener, the grocer, not even the bus driver. Even the tax collector takes payment concurrent with service. Write a letter to Congress supporting revision of health care insurance laws & send a copy to this person. Look for another doctor, one who is interested in medicine and patient health rather than their next vacation payment.

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